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Thank you for supporting our mission and your interest in being a part of Fly Tribe Magazine. We rely almost on pilots to fill these pages every release. If you would like to submit any photos, videos, or articles, maybe you would like to tell us about your amazing community. We want to hear from you! Check out below how to get your content published with Fly Tribe Magazine.

"Made By Pilots For Pilots"

How to Submit Photos

Photos submitted for the magazine need to be of the highest quality.

For us to print them in the magazine, the images need to be at least 900 x 1200 // 3x4 @300dpi

If you have good-quality photos from your phone, send them!

Be sure to include the photographers, pilots, and location names if applicable.

Please send your content using a Google or Dropbox Link to

How to Submit Videos

We request all videos submitted to Fly Tribe be in the rawest format possible. We are mainly looking for 16x9 1080p-4k footage. When submitting footage, please ensure that its the original raw clip instead of a trimmed down or color graded version. 

Please send your content using a Google or Dropbox Link to

How to Submit Articles

We are looking for personal stories or educational articles about the drone community, including hobbies you would like to share with other pilots. We want to hear from you if you have something to write about.

We have only a few regular writers so there is plenty of room.

Please send your content using a Google or Dropbox Link to


If you do not intend for the content you submit to be published in the magazine or online, you must clearly state this.

The photos you send may be in our next magazine, next month's, or next year's. There is no way of knowing if or when it will be used.

It might take us some time to review the submissions. We can't reply to everyone, so please be patient.

By sending us photos, videos, and articles, you grant Fly Tribe a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable incense to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative work of, display, and perform the content in connection with the Fly Tribe business, including without limitations for promoting and redistributing part or all of the content. 
Please make sure to provide credit for the content.

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